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T Giles Caravans tips for saving on maintenance costs

Maintenance Tips

Here are some quick maintenance tips from T Giles Caravans to help prevent unwanted costs to your caravan this winter:

Water System:

During the winter and the run up to it, we usually get our fair share of nights where the temperature dips below freezing. This can be a real problem for your caravans water system. It is important to drain the water system on your caravan when not in use or you could have problems with the water heaters and damage to your taps. The whole system should be drained as follows:

Taps and Showers:

  1. Fully open all taps and shower controls
  2. Where possible unscrew shower heads and remove spouts
  3. Single lever controls should be in the central position and raised to ensure full drainage.

Water Heaters :

  1. Drain after opening all the taps and shower controls mentioned above
  2. Better drainage is obtained if the heater is still warm
  3. Fully open the safety valve or remove the drain plug
  4. For valves leave them in the vertical position or
  5. For plugs, remove them by using a flat blade, or side of a small coin

Water Filters:

  1. Find your water filter if fitted usually under the sink or kitchen worktop
  2. Fully drain the system
  3. Disconnect the inlet hose to drain the filter fully

Any submersible pump external to your caravan should be completely shaken of fluid and stored in an appropriate dry place.

Setting up the water system :

When it is time to reuse your caravan, the following points should be viewed.

  1. Close all drainage valves or replace if necessary.
  2. Reconnect the last water filter
  3. Clean the system through with an approved cleaner
  4. Replace the water filter with a new one
  5. Set up and refill the water system. Please follow your caravans handbook instructions and make sure all air is (vented) out of the system

T Giles Caravans hope all its customers have long and happy trouble free caravanning, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us on 01483 272724 or contact us at www.tgilescaravans.co.uk/contact-us

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